Globe Rewards App

What is the Globe Rewards App about?

Customers can now easily enjoy using their points with the new Globe Rewards mobile app.

How do I use it?

Just download the new app from the current Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store. The app is free of charge, however, you will have to use your data to download.

What’s next?

You need to register your mobile number on the app. Register your number first. You will then be asked to verify via a One-Time-PIN (OTP) that will be sent to the mobile number you registered.

Do I need to connect to the mobile data or WiFI to use the app?

Yes, you need to connect to your mobile data or WiFi to use the app, however, the app is free of charge so it will not eat up on your mobile data promo or load.

How many minutes do I have to reply for the OTP?

You have only 2 minutes to reply. If that two minutes has passed and you have not replied with the correct OTP, you need to request for a new one.

What happens after I’m done verifying my mobile number?

You will be asked to register your profile. Once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions,you can proceed to the app’s homepage and you can start exploring what the app has to offer.

What can I do with the app?

You can easily enjoy your points using the new Globe Rewards mobile app. You don’t need to memorize long

Okay, but what are its functionalities?

You can:

a. Redeem Globe Prepaid, TM, Postpaid telco promos with the app. After registering your number, you will know what you can redeem with your brand.

b. Pay with points as cash at Globe Rewards partner stores nationwide.

c. Enjoy exclusive offers from partners for free (without any points requirement).

d. Convert your Globe Rewards points to other available partner points currencies. You can also secure your app with a PIN and get notifications about special offers!

I can do that now. What’s new?

a. The new app is now zero-rated. So you don’t have to worry that you’re being charged for using your app!

b. You now have a real-time view of available points, status of the transaction with confirmation/feedback. You don’t need to wait for a confirmation message from 4438 to know your points or the status of your transaction.

c. You can enroll multiple numbers in one app so you can easily manage transactions using just one app.

d. You have a more customized view of the offers based on your profile and preferences.

Do I need to connect to my mobile data or WiFi to

Yes. But don’t worry, you won’t get charged for any mobile data usage as this app is zero-rated. However, once you go out of the app and go to a website outside of the app, your data might be charged.

Will I incur data charges?

No, you will not incur any data charges if you are not using the app, even if you were unable to close the app properly.

How do I redeem or do transactions?

It’s easy! You just click your desired reward (which you can view in the dashboard “All Rewards” or via SEARCH) and follow the instructions on your screen to claim a reward.

How would I know if I have successfully redeemed?

You will see on the app whether your request has been processed. You would also know whether your transactions failed. At the same time, you will receive a text message from 4438 which will inform you if the reward redemption is confirmed or not.

FOR IOS: To check your app transaction history, press MORE at the bottom right of the dashboard. Click App Transaction History.

FOR NON-IOS: To check your app transaction history, press the right arrow icon at the right side of the header. Click App Transaction History.

Do I need to wait for a confirmation message from 4438?

Actually, you may refer to the message you will see on your app. At the same time, a confirmation message from 4438 will tell you the status of your rewards request. You can use either the message you get from the app or from 4438 (SMS) if you need a confirmation of your transactions.

Why can’t I redeem?

You need to ensure you’re connected to your mobile data or WiFi to access the app (remember the app is free of charge and doesn’t eat up on your mobile data allocation). You will get a message from the app telling you why you can’t redeem.

If I’m not connected to mobile data, not don’t have phone signal or WiFi access, will I be able to use the app?

Unfortunately no, you need these to connect to the app.

Can I cancel my transaction?

No, once a reward transaction has been requested it cannot be cancelled. A request can fail, however, in which you have an option to retry or not.

Do I get charged for my transactions?

No, all transactions is free of charge.

How much is the charge if I get directed to a website outside the app?

Regular rates apply unless you are subscribed to a mobile data promo.

What if I have the old Globe Rewards app, what do I need to do?

Just go to Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store and update your app.

Will I be prompted to update the new app?

If you have downloaded the interim app (using SMS toolbox to connect), you will receive an advice to update your current app.

Why do I need to register my information with the new app?

We want to be updated to your latest details.

Can I set a PIN to my app?

Yes, you can set a 6-digit PIN to protect your mobile app. The PIN will protect your app from unwanted users. Note that this is different from the OTP that you received registering for the app. This PIN will be recurrently asked from you as long as you have this turned on.

For Android Mobile User: Open the Globe Rewards app and click the hamburger side menu. Click Settings at the bottom. At the Settings page, look for Set PIN switch and click on/off. If switch “On”, key-in nominated 6-Digit PIN. Re-type PIN to confirm, then click SUBMIT button.

For IOS Mobile User: Open Globe Rewards app and from the Home screen, click “More..” at the lower right screen. Slide up and down to find and click “Settings”. At the Settings page, look for Set PIN switch and click on/off. If switch “On”, key-in nominated 6-Digit PIN. Re-type PIN toconfirm, then click SUBMIT button.

Is there a different way to redeem my rewards?

Yes, you can still make use of other available channels to redeem your rewards like SMS and USSD. However, if you want to have an enriching rewards redemption experience, we recommend that you redeem with the app.

If there is no QR code available, how can I use my points as cash at a partner merchant?

Open the QR scanner and select “ENTER MOBILE NUMBER”. Type in the mobile number of the partner merchant and proceed in entering the number of points you want to use.

I’m an old user, what’s the difference of this app?

You don’t need to toggle to SMS anymore to confirm a redemption request. Just confirm your redemption within the app and you will be able to get the reward you want.

Do I now get to see my available points?

Yes, once you’re logged in, you will see your current available points. No need to wait for the message from 4438 to know your points.

The app doesn’t reflect my current points. Why is that?

Let us check that. Please give your number.

What do you mean I will get to see customized offers?

You can now see offers based on your location, available points, or past redeemed/history. You can also search for rewards offers based on your preference.

Available Points (Within)See offers that are within your available points
Past Redeemed/HistorySee offers that were previously
SearchSee offers using search

See offers based on the following:

Most availed – most availed offer by brand

Most popular – most searched offer by brand

By category – check offer based on category

Points – see from least to highest points requirement

How can I enroll other numbers for this app?

Go to MORE option to enroll more numbers to the app. Enter the number you want to enroll and then enter the OTP received to verify that number.

How many accounts can I add in one app?

You can add as much as 10 numbers in one app.

I have enrolled a lot of numbers, how do I redeem?

On your “My Account” page, select the number that you want to use to to redeem. This is the active number. Once in the dashboard, you will see all the available rewards for this number. If you want another to be active, select this number from “My Account”.

Can I consolidate the points that I have from different numbers so I can just redeem using one?

No, for now, you can toggle from one number to another to select which one you want to use to redeem. Note that the brand of the mobile number corresponds to the available rewards for your brand.

How can I register my different numbers?

You can register your number by selecting Add Number or Add Mobile Number. You will be redirected to the page you saw when you first registered. You need to enter your mobile number again and enter the OTP received to verify the account. You also have to enter yourprofile details to finalize enrollment.