GBs to Points

What is GBs to Points?

It's back just in time for our 917 celebration! GBs to Points lets you maximize your unused open/all-access data by converting it to Globe Rewards points!

Who is eligible for this service?

The promo is open to all Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, Platinum, TM and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customers who are subscribed to the following promos or plans:

  • Globe Prepaid: All Go, GoSURF, GoSAKTO promos, and all GCash exclusive promos.
  • Globe Postpaid: Main data allowance from GPlan, ThePlan Plus or ThePlan; Main GoSURF Packs, Recurring GoSURF Add-ons, and Rollover data.
  • Globe Platinum: All customers who are registered to ThePLATINUM Plan 3799 with 22GB, ThePLATINUM Plan 4999 with 27GB Data, ThePLATINUM Plan 7999 with 32GB Data, Rollover data, and add-on GoSURF and GoBOOST promos (including 5G).

With All-Month Surf for Globe Platinum and GPlan Platinum plans, no need to convert GBs because it already comes with triple the rewards points every month.

  • TM: All-In 20, 30 and any EasySURF promos.
  • Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi: All HomeSURF and HomeWATCH promos.

What is the promo period of GBs to Points?

GBs to Points is a limited offer and runs from September 12 - 30, 2021.

How much open access/all-access data can I convert to Globe Rewards points?

The conversion equivalent to Globe Rewards points differs per brand:

Minimum of 1GB, which is equivalent to 1 Rewards pointMinimum of 1GB, which is equivalent to 5 Rewards point

Minimum of 3GB for conversion with 1GB increments, which is equal to the number of points.

(ex. 3GB = 3 Rewards points)

Wow! Can I convert all of my promo or plan allocation to Globe Rewards?

No. You can only convert all active, unused open/all-access data to Globe Rewards points. If your data from your promo/plan already expired, you can no longer convert them.

Can I also convert content-specific data or freebie app access to Globe Rewards?

No. Only open/all-access data are eligible to be converted to Globe Rewards points.

Can I convert all of my unused open/all-access data to Globe Rewards points?

Yes. But be reminded that if you convert all your unused open/all-access data to Globe Rewards, you may be charged with regular mobile browsing rates. To avoid unwanted data charges, you may activate your SurfAlert option. 

If you're using a Prepaid number, you may dial *143#, choose MyAccount then select SurfAlert. Visit SurfAlert for Prepaid for details. 

For all Postpaid customers and Platinum customers with non-All Month Surf plans, SurfAlert option is automatically available but if you wish to turn it on manually, you may text SURFALERT ON to 8080. For more info about SurfAlert, you may visit

I'm a Globe Postpaid/Platinum customer, can I convert my rollover data or my one-time data offers to points?

Yes! You can convert your rollover data that are still unexpired to Globe Rewards points. However for conversion of one-time offers (i.e. Add-on GoSURF, Add-on GoBoost 99, 199, etc) to points is not allowed. You may convert only recurring data offers to points.

How do I convert my unused/remaining all-access data to Globe Rewards points?

You may convert your data to Globe Rewards points thru the Rewards page of the New GlobeOne app. Make sure you have downloaded and registered to the New GlobeOne app and app version is updated.

Data Conversion via Rewards Page Menu Section

  1. Launch the New GlobeOne app
  2. Click on the "Rewards" button from the dashboard.
  3. Click the "Convert Data" button from the Rewards page.  
  4. Select the account/promo that you want to convert from the Convert data page.
  5. Choose the amount of data that you want to convert.
  6. Click on the "Convert" button.
  7. You will receive a successful notification thru the New GlobeOne app for your rewards conversion.
  8. Converted points will be seeded within 24 hours.

Where can I use the Globe Rewards points that I got after data conversion?

You can redeem mobile promos and exciting shopping, food and digital vouchers! Download the New GlobeOne app to enjoy your points or visit to know more.

Can I combine my GBs to Points with my regular Globe Rewards points?

Yes! You can use both converted data and regular Globe Rewards points to redeem rewards in the New GlobeOne app.

Where can I see my converted data points?

Your converted points will be included under your total Earned Points section.

When is the expiry date of my converted Globe Rewards points?

All converted unused open/all-access data to Globe Rewards points will expire on September 30, 2021 11:59 PM.

How will I know if my Globe Rewards points are about to expire?

You may view the expiry date of your Globe Rewards points in the New GlobeOne app. You may also check the SMS notification that you will receive upon your data conversion to track points expiry.

Which will expire first? My data converted points or the regular points I earned?

The set of points that will be consumed first are your data points since this will expire early (September 30 11:59 PM) compared to your regular earned points which will expire March 31, 2022.

How will I know the breakdown of my data points vs regular points?

The total points you'll see in your includes all your points, maybe it be your data converted points or your regular earned points.

When will I receive my points from converting my unused open/all-access data to Globe Rewards points?

You will receive an SMS notification from 8080 right after your conversion transaction or a max latency of within 24 hours.

How many times can I redeem using my Globe Rewards points?

Promo is subject to the transaction cap of five (5) Globe Rewards transactions per day (except for BUY or Points-As-Cash transactions) and for gifting, it’s once a day only.

Where can I see history details about my data conversion?

You may view your conversion history by going to Dashboard > View History > Account Activity Page.

I'm a Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customer. Is GBs to Points available in the Globe At Home app?

No. Currently, GBs to Points is available in the GlobeOne and TM apps only. Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customers can use GlobeOne to convert their unused open/all-access data to Globe Rewards.

I recently changed my network or ported my number, can I already convert my remaining data to points?

Yes, you may convert your remaining data allocation to points. It may take up to 24 hours after your number has been successfully ported before you can see the Convert Data button.

How many times can I convert my unused open/all-access data?

There is no limit as to how many times you can perform data conversion to Globe Rewards points as long as you have enough valid, all-access data and your unused data has not expired. However, there is a maximum number of GBs that you may convert until September 30, 2021. For postpaid and Platinum customers, the limit refreshes every bill cycle.

BrandMax Limit of Allocation for Conversion

Globe Prepaid or TM


Globe Postpaid


Globe Platinum


Globe HPW


How come I can’t click the Convert Data button?

  1. You're not registered to an eligible open/all-access data promo or you're not subscribed to a promo that has open/all-access data allocation.
  2. You're not using the New GlobeOne app or the app version is not updated.
  3. Your data wallet allocation is insufficient for conversion. Your remaining data allowance is less than 1GB for Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, TM and is less than 3GB for Home Prepaid WiFi.
  4. You have already reached the maximum 50GB per month (for Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi subscribers), 20GB per month (for Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers) and 50GB per billing cycle (for Globe Postpaid and Platinum subscribers).
  5. You may have just ported your number where it may take up to 24 hours for the Convert Data button to appear.
  6. Your account is not a Consumer account.
  7. Campaign period for the data to Globe Rewards points has already ended.

Why can't I convert to points even if I have remaining data allocation?

Please ensure that you're registered to a qualified promo and that you're using the New GlobeOne app. If you still cannot convert your remaining data, you may have reached the allowed limit for the data to points conversion. You may only convert a specific amount of data allocation per calendar month or bill cycle for Postpaid.

I'm a Postpaid/Platinum customer, can I see my GBs to Points transactions in my bill?

Currently, you will not be able to see a breakdown of your converted data in your bill.

Will the data conversion to Globe Rewards point be a permanent offer?

As part of our 917 celebration, Conversion to Rewards Points will be available until September 30, 2021 only, but keep checking the New GlobeOne app for more rewarding promos and offers.

I received a free GBs during your 917 #GDayEveryday celebration, can I use this to convert to points?

No, you may only convert open access data allocations that come from your regular Globe promos.