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Globe At Home Postpaid

About My Application

Can I still apply for a Globe At Home plan during a community quarantine?

Yes, you can still apply via our online shop. However, please expect delays as we’re currently limited to a skeletal force to attend to all orders, installations, and other concerns.

I got the new Xtreme Entertainment Plan modem from a Globe Store, and was told that the modem will be activated within 24 hours. Until now the modem is not working.

Due to the current situation, we are experiencing a higher volume of activation requests. Please bear with us as we handle everyone's requests. Rest assured we will activate your modem.

I already bought a modem and was told that a Globe agent will call me for my modem activation. Why has no one called me yet?

Due to the current situation, we’re experiencing a higher volume of activation requests. Please bear with us as we handle everyone's requests. Rest assured we’ll activate your modem.

About Plan Upgrade

What is this Plan Upgrade about?

Plan upgrade is a way to increase your plan’s current speed and/or data allocation. An upgrade will involve an increase in your monthly service fee as we move you to a better plan within the same technology for your family to experience more streaming and surfing at home.

How can I be eligible for a plan upgrade?

You may be eligible for a plan upgrade as long as you are serviceable to a higher plan and have a good credit standing.

Where can I request for a plan upgrade?

You may upgrade your plan through the following:

How can I upgrade within the Globe At Home app?

You may request for a plan upgrade through the Globe At Home app through the following steps:

What are the available plans for an upgrade?

Available plans indicated in your Globe At Home app are already based on the available facility in your area. You may either choose from our Go Unli or Go Big plans as indicated in the app.

Will I be re-locked up to 24 months when I upgrade my plan?

No, your contract period will not be refreshed when you upgrade your plan within the same technology, without any add ons.

How fast will my plan upgrade request be processed?

Your plan upgrade request will be processed back-end within 24-48 hours. Expect to receive an in-app notification once successfully processed.

Will my new plan reflect in my app dashboard?

Please expect for your new plan to reflect in the app dashboard within the next 24 hours upon receipt of your confirmation message. You may also visit the Menu icon and select Account Details for your new subscribed plan.

How come I cannot request for a plan upgrade within the app?

Plan upgrade options would not be available if your plan is not serviceable to a higher plan and if the account has insufficient credit limit or outstanding balance.

About Volume Boost

What is Volume Boost?

Volume boost is a way to increase your data allocation to address your home internet needs.

Who is eligible for Volume Boost?

Both wired and wireless subscribers with capped data plans are eligible for volume boost.

Where can I avail of a Volume Boost?

You may avail of additional data or volume boost through the Globe At Home app.

How do I avail of a Volume Boost through the Globe At Home app?

How fast can my volume boost request be processed?

Your request will be processed within 30 minutes and expect an in-app notification once the request has been activated.

What is the most number of volume boosts I can request in a month?

Maximum of 4 volume boost requests will be allowed at the same time. You will be notified of how many volume boosts are still active when you subscribe to a new volume boost.

How long will this volume boost be valid for?

Each volume boost request will be valid for 30 days.

How will I know if my volume boost is about to expire?

Validity period of each active volume boost will be reflected in your dashboard.

Will my volume boost request reflect in my dashboard?

Once request is processed, additional data allocation will be reflected in your dashboard with your new total data allocation.

About Billing

Where can I see my latest bill?

STEP 1: Download the Globe At Home App via Google Play or App Store to view your current bill.

STEP 2: Register by entering your Globe At Home account number or landline number into the app. You can choose to receive a verification code in either your registered email or mobile contact number.

STEP 3: Go to your dashboard to see account details.

STEP 4: Click View Current Bill to access your billing statement.

How do I read my bill?

Download this infographic to learn how to read your bill.

About Payment

I want to settle my bill even though the quarantine is ongoing. How can I do this?

Where can I pay my Globe at Home bill for same-day posting?

Channels with same-day payment posting


Globe Online Bills Payment

Globe At Home App

Globe One App

GCash App

Third Party

Bayad Centers

ECPay / 7-11

How do I pay my Globe at Home bill online?

Globe At Home App

STEP 1: Open the Globe At Home app.

STEP 2: Go to dashboard and select “Pay Now”.

STEP 3: Enter amount you wish to pay.

STEP 4: Select payment method: credit/debit card or GCash.

STEP 5: Confirm details and pay.

Globe Online Bills Payment

STEP 1: Access our online payment services at https://www.globe.com.ph/paybill.html and fill in details.

STEP 2: Select payment method: Debit/Credit Card or GCash and confirm payment

How do I pay using Credit Card in the Globe at Home App?

STEP 1: Install the Globe At Home App.

STEP 2: Register with your account/landline number.

STEP 3: Open app and tap Pay Now.

STEP 4: Enter the amount you wish to pay.

STEP 5: Select Credit/Debit card as payment method.

STEP 6: Input requested information and tap Next.

STEP 7: Confirm and review details before paying.

STEP 8: Verify your payment and click Submit.


What add-on devices can I get for my broadband plan?

  • Streaming Devices: Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered (P100/month), Android TV (P150/month), Apple TV HD (P400/month)
  • Mesh Devices: TP Link Deco M5 (P150/month)

The device cost will be charged on top of your Globe At Home broadband plan for 24 months. Please note that your application will still be subject to credit approval.

How can I avail add-on devices?

How soon can I receive my order?

  • Devices will be delivered in 5 working days for orders within NCR and 7 working days for orders outside NCR.
  • Please note that device deliveries outside NCR are currently on hold due to the enhanced community quarantine. Our partner courier will be contacting you once we are ready for deliveries again.

I'm encountering troubles with my device. Who can assist me for repairs?

About Connectivity Issues

My internet is down. What do I do?

  • Examine your modem’s cables for any loose connections. The modem’s power or internet lines may be loose or unplugged, resulting in a failure to connect to the internet.
  • Turn your modem off and then on again by unplugging the modem’s power cable from the socket and waiting two minutes.
  • If you are not yet on a GoUnli plan, ensure that you have not yet exceeded your plan’s data cap for the month. You can use the Globe At Home app to monitor your data usage and avail of volume boosts for more data.

I’m experiencing slow browsing with my internet connection. How do I fix this?

  • Note that the layout of your house such as doors and walls can negatively affect your browsing experience.
  • Stay within the same room as your modem to ensure your best connection.
  • To expand the coverage of your internet at home further, we recommend installing TP Link devices which can be availed through the Globe At Home app.

Where can I go if I have issues with my internet connectivity?

  • Download the Globe At Home app for more troubleshooting tools for your internet connection.
  • Contact us on Messenger for help with your internet issues.
  • If the problem persists, you can contact us at (02) 7730 1010.

  • What do these lights on my modem mean?

    For Wireless Broadband connections:



    For Troubleshooting





    • Check if power adapter is plug to modem power port.
    • Check if power adapter is plug to a power outlet.


    Steady Blue/Cyan

    Steady Red

    • Unplug the power adapter then re-plug it after 30 seconds to reboot the modem.




    • Check by holding on the Wi-Fi button until the Wi-Fi LED turns on located at the upper side of the modem.
    • Unplug the power adapter then re-plug it after 30 seconds to reboot the modem.


    On / Off*
    Off - If LAN is not used


    • Check LAN cable if connected from modem to LAN device.


    2-3 Bars

    0-1 Bars

    • If modem has external antenna, check the antenna cables if properly connected.
    • If modem has no external antenna, ensure modem is place near window.

    For Wired Broadband connections:



    For Troubleshooting





    • Check if the power adapter is plug to the modem power port.
    • Check if the power adapter is plug to a power outlet.



    Blinking of Off

    • Unplug the power adapter then re-plug it after 30 seconds to reboot the modem.



    Slow Blink Red

    • Modem receives low or no power. Ensure no removed connection.


    On / Off*
    Off - If LAN is not used


    • Check if the LAN cable is connected from the modem to the LAN device.




    • Check if the telephone cord is connected from the modem to the telephone.


    2-3 Bars

    0-1 Bars

    • Unplug the power adapter then re-plug it after 30 seconds to reboot the modem.


    What is a facility upgrade?

    We are offering a free upgrade to the latest facility available and a free modem upgrade to improve your experience. With the upgrade to the latest technology available in your area (High Speed DSL/ Fiber), you'll experience a more stable connection.

    What happens during the upgrade?

    STEP 1: We’ll contact you before the day of visit. You’ll receive a text and call from our broadband solutions specialist before they visit to install your new modem.

    STEP 2: Verify our authorized broadband solutions specialist wearing a Globe uniform and a Globe accredited ID. The ID has a QR code that you may scan using any QR scanning app to verify our authorized broadband solutions specialist.

    STEP 3: Our authorized broadband solutions specialist will install your free new tech upgrade and modem so you can enjoy a more stable connection.

    Do I need to pay for this upgrade?

    No, this is a free Upgrade. It comes with a Free Modem Upgrade and Free Installation with savings of up to 5,500.

    • P 1,000 Savings from Free Installation
    • P 2,500 (High Speed DSL) / P 4,500 (Fiber) Savings from Free Modem Upgrade

    Home Prepaid WiFi

    About Acquiring a Home Prepaid WiFi

    Where can I buy a Home Prepaid WiFi?

    You can purchase from our Globe regional hotline, and authorized Globe resellers online and in SM Market/Savemore, Puregold, and Shopwise. Kindly see list of stores here.

    I saw someone selling Home Prepaid WiFi on Facebook. Is this legitimate?

    Please be advised to only buy from official Globe online channels and authorized resellers at a retail price of P999 for Home Prepaid Wifi, and P1999 for Xtreme Prepaid Wifi. Kindly see list of stores here.

    I need to activate the 10 GB on my own. How do I do this?

    You can activate your FREE 10 GB via the Globe At Home app or through our Facebook Messenger Globe At Home Chatbot.

    Sellers are saying the reason why they sell higher than P999 is because they need to earn from the cost they purchased it from, is this true?

    This is not true. There is a *standard customer price for all Prepaid Wifi devices across all authorized resellers. Those who sell at a higher price or add "tubo" / "patong" are NOT legitimate sellers.

    *Home Prepaid Wifi - P999.00 only

    *Xtreme Prepaid Wifi - P1999.00 only

    You can view the list of authorized resellers here.

    Sellers are saying that the reason the price is above P999 because it is the old modem type. Is this true?

    This is not true. The standard P999 price applies for all modem types wether old or new. (Huawei B312, Tozed S10G, Huawei B310, Tozed ZLT)

    About My Internet Connection

    Will I still have internet connection during the lockdown?

    Yes. Keep in mind you’ll need to load your Home Prepaid WiFi to maintain uninterrupted service and connection.

    How can I get more data for my device?

    You can load more data for your Home Prepaid WiFi through our various loading channels: the Globe At Home app, GlobeOne app. GCash, Lazada, BPI Online, *143#, SMS, AUTOLOADMAX, and online.

    About Promos

    I read that the GoSURF50 will have double the data. Is this true?

    To provide more access to our customers staying at home, we’ve updated GoSURF50 to have double data allocation. This means that for the same price, you get 2 GB data valid for 3 days plus 1 GB of free data daily. This brings your total data to 5 GB.

    This new GoSURF50 promo will run from March 25 to April 22, 2020, subject to extension.

    I read that the HomeSURF199 will now have bigger data. Is this true?

    We know how important it is to stay connected at home so we’re giving free additional 8 GB data allocation for HomeSURF199. This means that from 22 GB, you’ll now get a total of 30 GB data (23 GB open access data + 1 GB of YouTube daily) valid for 7 days.

    This new HomeSURF199 promo will run from March 20 to April 21, 2020, subject to extension.

    Will you change other promotions as well?

    We’ll keep you posted via our official communication channels as soon as we change other promos.

    What promo is best for heavy streaming and binge watching?

    You can load any HomeWATCH promos where you can get free 4 GB daily for YouTube, iWant, Netflix, iflix, HOOQ, TikTok, and NBA.

    Globe At Home App

    Will my Globe At Home app still function during the community quarantine?

    Yes! Your Globe At Home app will work as it always did.

    Stay SAFE At Home

    Do What Matters While Being Safe At Home

    Discover ways we can still stay connected, productive, and informed while being #SafeAtHome.