Emergency SMS Service

What is this service?

The Emergency Loans Service lets you borrow load or promos to contact your loved ones when you need it most!

Who can avail of this service?

These emergency offers are available to all Globe Prepaid customers.

Where can I avail of these loans?

You may check the GlobeOne app to view all offers. However, the loans you can avail of will still be subject to your account eligibility, to know the loan that is for you, dial *143#

What emergency promos are available?

We have a promo for your call, text, and data emergency needs! These promos are valid for 1 day and P6 will be collected on your next top-up:



2 mins of calls and 2 texts to Globe/TM


1 day


10 all network texts


1 day


15MB data


1 day

Are there other loan offers I can borrow?

Depending on your eligibility, you can also borrow load up to P50 and other promos like GoSURF and GoUNLI! For the other offers based on eligibility, you can simply check the Loans menu via *143# for the latest offers.

How do I register for these promos?

Simply send the keyword to 3733. You will then receive a text notification, informing you that you can use the service. Remember, you may register and use these emergency promos even without load. However, only one loan is allowed at a time, so you have to settle your unpaid or outstanding loan before you may loan again.

How to use this emergency service?

Via *143#:

To access, select Loans

To register, select Loans > Choose your desired Loan > Subscribe.

To check balance, select Loans > Status > Loan Promo Status

Via GlobeOne app:

Open the GlobeOne app, look for the ‘Shop’ menu, click ‘Borrow’, and choose your desired Loan offer.

Via Facebook

While using Free Facebook, click ‘Buy Data’ to view all the available offers.

How soon can I start using the service?

You may already use the service once you received the confirmation message after registration.

Is the service available anytime?

Yes! The Emergency Loan Service is available 24/7.

Can I use these offers while abroad?

Sorry, but you can only register and use the service only when you are in the Philippines.

I tried to register to the service by texting a Loan keyword to 3733 but received an error message?

This can mean a few things:

  • Keyword may be wrong. You can always try registering via *143#! You’ll also see the latest offers there based on your eligibility
  • You may not be eligible to borrow that amount
  • There's a temporary system downtime where you may try your transaction again at a later time.
  • You may have an existing unpaid loan that you need to settle first by reloading enough amount that is equal to your unpaid loan or by texting PAY LOAN to 3733 if you have enough balance in your wallet.

I received a confirmation message that I have successfully availed of COMBOSOS / TXTSOS / MBSOS. How can I check my remaining promo balance and when they will expire?

You can check your balance by texting the following keywords to 3733. 








For the other Loan Promo offers, you can also dial *143#, select LOANS > Status > Loan Promo Status

How do I settle my outstanding loans?

Your outstanding loans will automatically be collected on your next reload. Just purchase enough load to pay for your availed loan + service fee! You'll receive a text notification from 3733 when this happens and will be eligible to loan once again. You can also send PAY LOAN to 3733 if you have enough load.

For the LOAN LOAD and LOAN PROMO offers, there will be a fixed service fee included for using the Loans service.

How long will you offer this service?

Emergency Loan Service is a permanent emergency service from Globe.

I availed of the Emergency Loan Service and upon reloading, the amount to pay for my loan was already deducted within the day. In my previous availments, this happens only after expiry of the service. Why is this so?

The payment for the Emergency Loan Service is deducted on your next reload even when your loaned promo is not yet expired. This allows you to avail of Emergency Loan Service the next time you need it.

Will the service fee increase if I don't pay my outstanding loan?

No, the fee is fixed and there is no interest if you are unable to pay your loan quickly.

Can I get another loan once I pay?

Yes! You can immediately get another loan once you've paid your previous loan.

How do I unsubscribe from my loaned promo?

Just send the correct keyword to 3733: