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Effective March 31, 2023, DUO will no longer be offered to new Globe Postpaid and Platinum customers.

Popular FAQs for Call Promos

Until when can I use my existing DUO line?

Existing customers with DUO may continue to enjoy the service until Globe announces decommissioning of the DUO service.Rest assured that affected customers will be notified prior to the actual decommissioning activity.

What if I want to keep my DUO number?

For customers with active DUO numbers, you may continue using it until Globe announces the complete decommissioning ofthe service.

What is the Globe SuperDUO/MySuperDUO promo?

The SUPERDUO/MYSUPERDUO is a combination of Globe DUO and unlimited calls to Globe/TM mobile numbers. You can enjoy it for 30 days for only P599!

For postpaid subscriptions, the service will be charged on top of your plan, with no lock-up period to be applied.

This is also a valid add-on for all variants of Unli plans.

Just to clarify, what is the difference between DUO/MYDUO and SUPERDUO/MYSUPERDUO?

DUO/MYDUO lets you make unlimited calls to DUO/MYDUO numbers, Globe Landlines nationwide and selected landlines.

SUPERDUO/MYSUPERDUO is essentially the same as your DUO/MYDUO service PLUS unlimited calls to Globe/TM numbers.

What is Globe Home Phone/Super Home Phone?

Globe Home Phone/Super Home Phone are wireless landline innovations from Globe that offer FREE unmetered calls to landlines and cellphones!

Home Phone
Super Home Phone
Local Calls (same area code)
NDD calls to Globe Landline, DUO/SuperDUO
Calls to Globe and TM customers
Php 6.50 / minUnlimited
NDD calls other network
Php 7.50 / minPhp 7.50 / min
IDD calls
$0.40 / min
Php 1.00
Php 1.00
Calls to other mobile networkPhp 7.50 / minPhp 7.50 / min
Handset one time chargePhp 1000Php 1000
Lock Up Period12 months12 months
Monthly Service FeePhp 450Php 599