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About ThePLAN and ThePLAN Plus | Help & Support | Globe

About ThePLAN

How is this offer better than the previous ThePLAN and The offer?

With these newly updated plans, you get:

  • More data on GoSURF (up to 61GB data allowance with ThePLAN PLUS)
  • More affordable allnet calls and text
  • Double the value with ThePLAN PLUS
    • Double the data (vs. ThePLAN)
    • Double the Globe Rewards points (vs. ThePLAN)
  • Now, with no contract on ThePLAN PLUS because we commit to make you want to stay.

These plans are no longer offered for new line applications or plan renewal. To learn more about the latest postpaid plans, click here.

When is this offer available?

ThePLAN and ThePLAN PLUS were made available last July 31, 2019.

These plans are no longer offered for new line applications or plan renewal. To learn more about the latest postpaid plans, click here.

Is Gadget Care still available with this plan?

Yes! As with previous plans, Gadget Care is still free for 1 month if you get ThePLAN with device.

Is myLifestyle Plan still available? Can I still avail that?

The old myLifestyle Plan is no longer available for new line or plan renewal. If you’re currently on a myLifestyle Plan, you can continue to enjoy your plan until such time you decide to renew or change your plan.

We believe the new postpaid plans will give you better value and flexibility with more call, text and data options to choose from.

How can I avail of these updated plans?

You can avail of this plan through the following channels:

  • Globe stores nationwide
  • Globe Online Shop
  • Plan renewal via Globe stores or hotline
  • Globe Telesales (outbound)

What’s a promo pack?

With ThePLAN or ThePLAN Plus, a promo pack will help you customize your plan according to your needs and let you do the things you love doing with a postpaid plan.

There are three types of promo packs that you can choose from and each one can be mixed and matched to help create the life you want:

  1. Call and Text Packs
  2. Surf Packs
  3. Lifestyle Packs.

With ThePLAN or ThePLAN Plus, your Surf Packs have roll-over capability which means your unused data allowance will carry over to the next bill cycle. Isn’t that cool?

Note that you can change your promo packs monthly. When you change them, whatever amount of MRF commitment you agreed for your contract will remain. If you opt out of a promo pack without replacing it, then the same amount equivalent to the promo pack you removed will just be converted into consumables.

What are the different promo packs that I can choose from?

You can choose from our call and texts, surf, and lifestyle packs below.

A single pack is already designed for all-month’s use so there’s no need to stack or get two of each kind, except for the Consumable packs. Also, you can only avail of one GoSURF pack at a time. To supplement your data usage for a particular bill cycle, you may get an AddSURF 99.

You can change your promo packs monthly by going to a Globe store or calling the hotline. If you remove a promo pack, your monthly recurring fee (MRF) stays the same as this is the amount you’ve committed to for 24 months. If you choose to replace a promo pack, best you do this on a date nearest your bill cut-off to maximize your usage of the promo pack.

Call and Text Packs

PLANCall and Text Pack







Unli Allnet Calls* and Texts

(Covers both local calls to mobile and landline)


Unli Calls and Texts to Globe/TM


DUO Pack

Consumables in increments of P100

P149 Easy Roam

5 days of all-day data roaming payable over 12 monthly installments. Charged in excess of the MRF.


P5/minute IDD calls to the Middle East and Europe and P2.50/minute IDD calls to North America and Asia

P299 Chat Pack

Chat Pack plus 60 minutes for IDD calls to North America


For ThePLAN PLUS 599-999For ThePLAN PLUS 1299 - 2999

Unli Allnet Calls* and Texts

(Covers both local calls to mobile and landline)

Unli Allnet Calls* and Texts

(Covers both local calls to mobile and landline)

Surf Packs

GoSURF 299GoSURF 599GoSURF 999GoSURF 1299GoSURF 1999GoSURF 2499
With roll-over capability
ADDITIONAL DATANeed additional data?
AddSURF P99  (1GB data)

GoWATCH* P399 (10GB data)

*Other GoWATCH variants still available

FREEBIESWith free 1GB data per month

(Games include Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends, Clash Royale, Free Fire, Rules of Survival)

Lifestyle Packs

VIU9930-day subscription to VIU (no data included)
Cartoon Network9930-day subscription to Cartoon Network (no data included)
DisneyLife14930-day subscription to DisneyLife (no data included)
Amazon Prime Video30030-day subscription to Amazon Prime Video (no data included)
FOX+24930-day subscription to FOX+ (no data included)
YouTube199Access to YouTube with 1GB data allowance valid for 30 days
Netflix booster46030-day subscription to Netflix (no data included, charged on top of the plan)
Spotify Premium12930-day subscription to Spotify Premium (no data included)

30-day subscription to Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Free Fire.

With 1GB data allowance

Viber Pack99Access to Viber, with 1GB data allowance
FB Messenger Pack99Access to FB Messenger with 1GB data allowance
WhatsApp Pack99Access to WhatsApp with 1GB data allowance
Line Pack99Access to Line with 1GB data allowance
WeChat Pack99Access to WeChat with 1GB data allowance
KakaoTalk Pack99Access to KakaoTalk with 1GB data allowance
Skype Pack99Access to Skype with 1GB data allowance
Twitter Pack199Access to Twitter with 1GB data allowance
Facebook Pack199Access to Facebook with 1GB data allowance
Chat Pack299Access to Viber, Whats App, FB Messenger, Kakao Talk, Line, WeChat with 1GB data allowance
Photo Pack299Access to Instagram, Photogrid, Photorepost, Instasize, VSCO Cam with 1GB data allowance
SnapChat Pack299Access to SnapChat with 1GB data allowance
Tinder Pack299Access to Tinder with 1GB data allowance
LinkedIn Pack299Access to LinkedIn with 1GB data allowance

How many freebies can I get? Can I change my freebie?

Freebies only come with a GoSURF pack. For each plan subscription, you may choose one content freebie that comes with the GoSURF packs. You can change your freebie anytime you wish.

These are the basic freebies that come with our GoSURF pack:

FacebookShare photos and videos, send messages and get updates from your friends and familyFree data can be used when using FB via browser or through the official FB app. FB messenger included
ViberSend free messages and make free calls to other Viber users, on any device and network, in any countryFree data can used for Viber chat and calls, excluding Viber Out.
SnapchatSnapchat lets you easily talk with friends, use cool and funny filters, view live stories from around the world and explore news in DiscoverFree data can be used for snaps
YoutubeWatch videos, upload original content and share it all with your family and friendsFree data can be used for streaming via or or using the official YouTube/Dailymotion apps
SpotifyEnjoy ad-supported music streaming from your favorite artistsUse the free data for music streaming
Clash Of ClansGames can give you access to Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Mobile Legends, Free FireFree data can be used for playing the following games. Free data doesn’t apply to downloading the games from the App Store / Play Store.
InstagramA simple, fun and creative way to capture, edit and share photos, videos and messages with friends and family.Free data can be used to view stories and share photos, videos and messages.

What is AddSURF99?

AddSurf 99 is a data pack that you can get to supplement your personal GoSURF Packs. You have the option to get it as an add-on (whenever you’re short on data), or as a monthly-recurring pack. You can get as many AddSURF 99 as you need, as many as your Spending Limit will allow. Your AddSURF99 data will add up to your total data allowance for the bill cycle. 

You used to have an AddSURF499 that doubles your data, is it still available?

This is no longer available for the updated ThePLAN and ThePLAN PLUS as our new GoSURF line up gives you even more data allowance.

What happens when I use up all my personal GoSURF data allowance?

You’ll be charged P2/MB on your succeeding internet connection.

Am I required to get a GoSURF Pack?

Yes, all plans need to have a GoSURF offer to ensure that you don’t experience bill shock on your plan. This is needed for both PLANS with device and SIM-only plans. GoSURF is necessary but AddSURF is optional.

Can I still get the 3-month premium freebie like before instead of the basic freebie?

The premium freebie promotion has already ended. You may still choose any from our basic freebies that give you free 1GB access to your chosen app. This will be valid for 24 months or until the end of your subscription.

Is there a contract for these promo packs or freebies?

No, there isn’t.  What you’re under contract for is your monthly recurring fee (MRF) commitment. You can remove a promo pack any time, but if you don’t replace it with another promo pack, the equivalent amount will simply turn into a consumable amount.

How do I check the remaining data allowance of my GoSURF pack?

To check and monitor your data usage, we recommend downloading the GlobeOne app on your mobile phone. GlobeOne is also available via the web.

You can also check by texting GoSURF STATUS to 8080 to show all the remaining data of your GoSURF and its freebie.

What can I do with my consumables?

Consumables can be used for local and international calls and texts, as well as data. Roaming charges such as roaming calls and texts, VAS (value-added services), and Share-A-Load aren’t included.

What gets consumed first, the promo packs in my plan, consumable, or promos I get on top of my plan?

Promo packs will always take a higher priority over consumables. If for example, you have GoSURF 599 in your plan, then all your surfing activities will be charged first to your 5GB GoSURF wallet. Once it’s all consumed, then your surfing activities will be charged to your consumables if any. Once you’ve used up your consumables, you may avail of other promos on top of your plan, otherwise your transactions will be charged the regular rates on top of your plan.