About ThePLAN

What is ThePLAN?

Globe's latest postpaid plan, ThePLAN, is now better than ever. You get:

  • Larger-than-life data allowances
  • Affordable call and text offers
  • More flexibility to mix and match different services to fit your needs
  • You can partner the plan with a device (comes with 24 months' contract)
  • More consumable amount when you avail of ThePLAN PLUS.

This sounds so much better! But how does this differ from the previous myLifestyle Plan?

The previous myLifestyle Plans immediately came with a base plan of unlimited calls and text to Globe and TM valued at P499.

This time, ThePLANs offer you more flexibility to let you choose what you'd like included in your plan. You're free to select your preferred promo pack from our line-up of call and text offers, based on your need. If you feel that you don't need unlimited calls and texts, you have the option not to get it.

Plus, it gives you bigger data allowance and more freebie options to let you do more of what you like online -- whether it's music, videos and games!

If you have an existing mobile phone and would just like to get a postpaid line only, you can go for ThePLAN Plus so you can do more of what you want with its bonus value.

Cool! What are the different promo packs that I can avail under ThePLAN so I can get a good handset?

You can choose from our Call and Texts, Surf and Lifestyle Packs.

Call and Text Packs

Call and Text Packs (Commercial name)PriceDescription
50 All-Net Text & 50 mins. to Globe/TM*
50 texts to all networks plus 50 minutes for calls to Globe and TM
Unli Texts to Globe/TM
Unlimited texts to Globe and TM only
Unli AllNet Texts
Unlimited texts to all networks
Unli Calls to Globe/TM
Unlimited calls to Globe and TM only
Unli Calls and Texts to Globe/TM
Unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM
Unli Calls to Globe/TM & Unli All-Net Texts
Unlimited calls to Globe/TM plus Unlimited texts to all networks
Duo Pack 299
Unlimited calls to landline/DUO
DUO International USA
Unlimited calls from US landlines
Chat Pack 299 plus 60 IDD minutes to North America
Chat Pack plus 60 minutes for IDD calls to North America
Go Call IDD P5/minute IDD calls to the Middle East and Europe P2.50/minute IDD calls to North America and Asia
P200 consumable amount for discounted IDD calls to North America and Asia, Middle East and Europe. P5/minute IDD calls to the Middle East and Europe-P2.50/minute IDD calls to North America and Asia
Consumable Pack (100-1000)
P100 to 1000
Stackable amounts of consumables in P100 denominations

* Multiple registrations are allowed.

Surf Packs

GoSURF VariantGoSURF 299GoSURF 599GoSURF 999
Data Allowance1.5GB4GB
With roll over feature?YesYes
Choose a freebieChoose one basic freebie for 24 monthsChoose one basic freebie for 24 months
Free data allowance with your freebie1GB1GB







Spotify Basic



(Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale,  Mobile Legends and Free Fire)


(Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale,  Mobile Legends and Free Fire)


(Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale,  Mobile Legends and Free Fire)

OR a Premium freebie for 3 months

Spotify Premium (1GB)Spotify Premium (1GB)
For get additional data allowance, get these:
AddSurf 99 (1GB)YesYesYes
AddSurf 499 (8GB)

Other Add-onsGoWatch 299 or 399GoWatch 299 or 399GoWatch 299 or 399
Bonus Freebie

For new and existing customers renewing their plan:

DisneyLife for 6 months - under ThePLAN/ThePLAN Plus 999 and higher

Amazon Prime Video for 6 months - under ThePLAN 999 and higher or ThePLAN Plus 599 and higher

Until March 31, 2018

Lifestyle Packs

Call and Text PricePriceConsumable data allowance
Disney Pack 149 (30 days)149N/AAccess to DisneLife (no data included)
HOOQ Pack 149 (30 days)149N/AAccess to HOOQ (no data included)
VIU Premium Pack 9999N/A Access to VIU (no data included)
Netflix Booster460N/A
Access to Netflix (no data included, charged on top of the plan)
Amazon Prime Video Pack 150150N/AAccess to Amazon Prime Video (no data included)
YouTube Pack 1991991GBAccess to YouTube (1GB for 30 days)
Spotify Pack 129129N/ASpotify Premium (no data included)
Games Pack 99991GBAccess to Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Clash
of Clans, Clash Royale, Free Fire
Viber Pack991GBAccess to Viber
FB Messenger Pack991GBAccess to FB Messenger
WhatsApp Pack991GBAccess to WhatsApp
Line Pack991GBAccess to Line
WeChat Pack991GBAccess to WeChat
KakaoTalk Pack991GBAccess to KakaoTalk
Skype Pack991GBAccess to Skype
Twitter Pack199
1GBAccess to Twitter
Facebook Pack1991GBAccess to Facebook
Chat Pack2991GBAccess to Viber, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Line, WeChat
Photo Pack2991GBAccess to VSCOCam, Instagram, PhotoGrid, PhotoRepost, Instasize
SnapChat Pack2991GBAccess to SnapChat
Tinder Pack2991GBAccess to Tinder
LinkedIn Pack2991GBAccess to LinkedIn

Is ThePLAN/ThePLAN Plus available when I call your hotline?

Yes, it is. You can avail ThePLAN or ThePLAN Plus when you visit the following channels:

  • Globe stores nationwide
  • Online through our Globe Shop at shop.globe.com.ph
  • Contract renewal via Globe Stores or hotline at (02) 730-1300 (for Consumer)
  • Outbound sales team

What's a promo pack?

With ThePLAN or ThePLAN Plus, you'll be able to create wonderful experiences when you customize your plan according to your needs by mixing the different promo packs.

There are three promo packs to choose from and each of these is designed to help you create the life you want:

  • Call and Text Packs
  • Surf Packs
  • Lifestyle Packs

With ThePLAN or ThePLAN Plus, your Surf Packs have roll-over capability which means your unused data allowance will carry over to the next bill cycle. Isn't that cool?

Note that you can change your promo packs monthly. When you change them, whatever amount of MRF commitment you agreed for your contract will remain. If you opt out of a promo pack without replacing it, then the same amount equivalent to the promo pack you removed will just be converted into consumables.

So, how many packs can I get? Can I get two of the same kind?

ThePLAN or ThePLAN Plus lets you customize so you get to do more of what you want - you can get as many packs as you want within your MRF commitment. If you exceed your MRF commitment and you still want more, the excess packs will then be charged on top of your MRF.

Also, a single pack is already designed for all-month's use so there's no need to stack. The only exception are the Consumable Packs and 50 Allnet Text & 50 minutes to Globe/TM-these you may get as many as your credit limit allows.

An example combination for ThePLAN 1499 would be :

  1. GoSURF 599 (with 4GB data allowance)
  2. Unli Allnet Texts (valued at P199)
  3. Facebook Pack (valued at P199)
  4. Consumable P203
  5. DUO (valued at P299)

Can I get freebies?

Yes, you can. You only get freebies with a Surf Pack. No freebies come with the Call and Text or Lifestyle Packs.

There are two types of freebies, and your freebie depends on which Surf Pack you choose to get.

  • With GoSURF 299, you get a basic freebie for 24 months.
  • With GoSURF 599 and GoSURF 999, you can choose between
    • A basic freebie for 24 months
    • A premium freebie for 3 months

What's the difference between a basic freebie and a premium freebie?

A basic freebie gives you free 1GB access to different apps, valid for 24 months. Premium freebies give you both free subscription and free 1GB access to different apps, valid for only 3 months.

What are these basic freebies?

These are the basic freebies:

FB (1GB)Lets you share photos and videos, send messages and get updates from friends and family.Use your free data when sharing FB via browser or the official app. Includes FB Messenger.
 Snapchat (1GB)Talk with friends, use cool and funny filters, view live stories from around the world and explore news in Discover.Free data can be used for snaps.
Viber (1GB)Send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users on any device and network in any country.Free data is for Viber chat and calls. Viber out is not included.
Spotify Basic (1GB)Listen to music anytime, anywhere.Use free data to stream music only. For GoSURF299 and lower.
YouTube/DailyMotion ( Videos (1GB))Watch videos, upload original content and share with family and friends.Free data can be used for streaming via www.youtube.com or www.dailymotion.com or the official YouTube/Dailymotion app.
Musical.ly (1GB)Create, share, and discover short music videos with Musical.lyFree data can be used for discovering and creating videos
Games (1GB)Get access to Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Mobile Legends and Free Fire.
Free data can be used for playing the games but not for downloading the games from App Store or Playstore.

What is this premium freebie?

This is the premium freebie:

Spotify Premium (3 Months)Enjoy offline and high quality music, access to millions of songs, podcasts and videos from artists all over the world.
Open only to GoSURF 599 and higher. If activated, will auto-renew unless the customer unsubscribes.

Can I change my freebies? How often can I change them?

Yes, you can change your freebie every month but, you can't avail of the free Spotify Premium more than once.

What are ADDSurf 99 and AddSURF 499?

AddSurf 99 and AddSURF 499 are data packs that you can get to supplement your personal GoSURF Packs.

If you have GoSURF Packs 299 and 599, you may avail of ADD Surf 99. You may get as many AddSurf 99 in a single bill cycle as you can pay.
If you choose GoSURF Pack 999, then you can avail of both ADD Surf 99 and Add SURF 499.

By the way, your unused AddSurf 99 and AddSURF 499 can also roll over to the next month like your personal GoSURF Pack.

Will AddSurf 99 and AddSURF 499 be charged against my consumable or added on top of my monthly recurring fee (MRF)?

These can be made part of your MRF commitment, charged against your consumables or charged on top of your MRF (when you're already out of consumables).

What happens when I use up all my personal GoSURF data allowance?

You'll be charged P2/MB on your succeeding internet connection.

Am I required to get a GoSURF Pack?

Yes, all plans need to have a GoSURF offer to ensure that you don't experience bill shock on your plan. This is needed for both PLANS with device and SIM-only plans. GoSurf is necessary but AddSurf is optional.

What can I do with my consumables?

You can use your consumables for local and international calls and texts, as well as browsing.

Roaming charges (calls and texts), value-added services, and Share-a-Load are not covered by consumables.

Is there a fee to roll over my unused data?

Roll over of unused data is free of charge.

What gets consumed first? Say I have rolled over data on the previous month, but I'm only able to use a portion of my available allowance. Will my data usage eat up my rolled over allowance, or from my current allowance?

Your data is consumed on a first-in, first-out basis. Your rolled over allowance gets consumed first, followed by your personal data allowance. If you only consume your rolled over allowance and your personal allowance is unused, your personal allowance will roll over again to the succeeding month.

Is there an anti-bill shock provision for your new GoSURF offers?

Yes, there is. The anti-bill shock guarantee for ThePLAN covers usage from your personal GoSURF data allowance and doesn't include your AddSURF allowance.